The Sanctuary offers several options for Shared or Private rooms.

Guests may come for a Personal Retreat or Custom Retreat in a shared room or pay extra for a private room. 

Private rooms are ideal for those looking for additional comfort and privacy. Sometimes, during peak season and/or when we offer a Custom Retreat and we expect to be full, we may increase the cost to stay in a private room to compensate for being unable to accommodate all who wish to join the retreat. 

Shared Rooms

Ascension Room (shared room - shared bathroom)

The Ascension room on the second story is our main shared room. It has 3 single beds, and a single-size bunk bed, therefore theoretically accommodating up to 5 people. In practice we do our best to limit to a maximum of 3 or 4 in this room when we are not full. Guests are usually offered the standard beds, with Work Retreat participants usually taking the bunk-beds. 

Guests staying in the Ascension room share the upstairs bathroom with guests staying in the Healing and Nirvana rooms. There are two bathrooms downstairs that can also be used.

Sometimes if our Ascension room is full we use other rooms as shared rooms, but we do not offer an option to choose which shared room. Also, sometimes it may be necessary to move beds or even rooms to accommodate incoming guests.

Peace Room

The Peace Room currently has two bunk beds so can accommodate up to 2 people. Sometimes the Peace room may be set out the same as the Ascension room to be used as another shared room with up to 5 people.

The Peace room is currently separated in two using a room divider. One half is sometimes used for therapies during the daytime at which time Guests staying in the Peace room are asked to use other private spaces at The Sanctuary to relax. Our linen shelving is located in the therapy side of the room so access is allowed for this while you are in the room, however, the room divider gives visual privacy to the bed space. The picture shows the room with a queen size bed as well as the bunk beds. The queen size bed has since been removed.

The Peace room is located next to the open living space for meditation and workshops. There are two bathrooms downstairs that can be used by Guests staying in the Peace Room.

Private Rooms

The Mandala Master Suite (en-suite bathroom) - Private Room

The Mandala room is the most luxurious room at The Sanctuary, with its own luxury full bathroom and a large private balcony overlooking the garden.

Facing East, the Mandala room is blessed with the vibrant morning sunlight and the evening freshness when it's time to wind down and relax.

The room has a queen-size bed for 1 or 2 people, and we can add a single bed or another queen-size bed to accommodate a third and/or fourth person. Note that it is necessary for security to close the windows at night, which is a little awkward to do due to the type of blinds. It takes a few minutes to do.

Nirvana Room (shared bathroom)- Private Room

Facing West, the Nirvana room benefits from the lingering energy of the ocean sunsets.

The Nirvana room has one queen-size bed & a single-size bunk bed so can accommodate up to 3 or 4 people. Sometimes we add another single bed to the room if used as a shared room. Guests staying in the Nirvana room share the upstairs bathroom with guests staying in the Ascension and Healing rooms. There are two bathrooms downstairs that can also be used.

Sometimes the Nirvana room is used as a shared room.

Healing Room (shared bathroom) - Private Room

Facing East, the Healing room invites the rejuvenating morning sunshine. 

The Healing room has one queen-size bed and we can add a single bed to accommodate up to 3 people. 

Guests staying in the Healing room share the upstairs bathroom with guests staying in the Ascension and Nirvana rooms.  There are two bathrooms downstairs that can also be used.

Harmony House - including the Karma Room & Seva Room - - Private Room

Harmony House is a separate property immediately next door to The Sanctuary.  Harmony House (part of a larger building) contains two bedrooms and a living room which have been created within one very large room using fixed wooden partition wall room dividers.

  • The Living room has a wooden sofa, a wooden dining table and chairs
  • The Karma room has one queen size bed.
  • The Seva room has 2 single beds (one is a top bunk). The Seva room is the bigger room of the two.

Although the bedrooms do have privacy from each other, the partition walls do not reach the ceiling so there is no noise privacy.

If you stay in Harmony House you will have the advantage of access to the swimming pool shown in the picture. Be aware that there is some unfinished construction happening occasionally on the property although the majority of the work is done. The rooms are priced to take account of this.

In the first picture shown you can see the Seva room with two single beds (on is an upper bunk). This is the biggest room of the two. The sliding partition wall which separates the bedroom from the living room is open.  To the left you can see the corridor between the rooms which leads to the bathroom and the doors to the two rooms. You can see the door open to the Karma room. The last picture shows the Karma room with a queen size bed. The two rooms share a bathroom.

You may reserve Harmony house for more privacy with a private bathroom and swimming pool .

Or, you may book an individual room in harmony house and share the bathroom with occupants of the other room. Click Here for more pictures of Harmony House

The Love Casita (with en-suite shower-room) - Private Room

Located in the backyard within the walls of The Sanctuary garden, the standalone Love Casita offers the most privacy at The Sanctuary. It has its own separate entrance gate and can also be accessed through the garden.

The Love Casita has its own shaded rooftop space to relax, read a book, or watch the sunset and has it's own small en-suite shower room.

The Love Casita has a queen-size bed for 1 or 2 people, and we can add a single bed or even another double to accommodate up to four people.

Currently only available only from November 2017 to February 2018 (subject to confirmation)

To make a reservation, please complete the form on either our Personal Retreat or Custom Retreat Page