Are you looking for the perfect retreat center to take your group? 

We invite you to explore The Sanctuary & The Pharm, sacred spaces designed specifically to host all-inclusive retreats focusing on spirituality, wellness, and personal healing.

You may wish to simply bring a group of friends for a Personal Retreat or one of our Custom Retreats, or if you are a therapist / teacher you may wish to Bring a Group for your own Custom Retreat.


If you are bringing a group of friends, or offering a Custom Retreat of your own:

  • Providing there are at least 8 participants joining your group, you will receive a free bed (in shared room) and board. Depending upon availability, the bed-space for you may be either at The Sanctuary or The Pharm. For 16 students/retreat participants, you can bring an additional person for free.
  • Additional Tuition: If you wish your group to come for a Custom Retreat which you design yourself, you can set the tuition fee (any part of the price that exceeds our Personal or Custom Retreat price) at whatever you like subject to our agreement. For bookings you directly attract, you will receive 80% of the tuition charged. For bookings we attract you will receive 70% of the tuition charge. See below the "What we will provide you and your group" section. You (the facilitator) will be responsible for any additional needs over and above our standard schedule offering. Any additional direct expenses (clarification required here) for the retreat can be deducted from tuition fee before profit share is calculated (eg. 5% Paypal fee if we collect the payments).
  • Please explore this personal retreats page and this accommodations page for details on our room and food package.
  • We may be able to offer a part work exchange for some of your guests. Feel free to contact us at any time with any questions.
  • Retreat Reservation Deposit: We require a $500 USD ** non-refundable deposit to reserve dates for 1 week. This is due when we agree the dates to reserve the retreat on our calendar & reserve the bed spaces.  For this deposit we will reserve 6 beds in shared rooms. At any time, if you wish to increase the number of beds we reserve (subject to availability), please add $100 deposit per additional bed per week. The remaining amount due ( 20-30% of the tuition fee if over $500 USD) is due 30 days before the start of the retreat. **Payment is due in local currency (MXN Pesos) converted on as per our terms.

  • Payment for Accommodation: In addition to the Retreat Reservation Deposit, 60% of the Accommodation element of the retreat (the Personal Retreat cost) is due 30 days before the start of the retreat, with the remainder being paid on or before the day of arrival.
  • All inquiries, registration, bookings are to be handled by the retreat leader. We can provide this service for you at an additional cost.

What we will provide you and your group:

  • Bed in shared room (as above)
  • Three daily vegan meals (breakfast is a smoothie), fruit snacks, OR 4 fresh coconut water drinks per day. if your group prefer to fast in this way. Alternatively if you wish 3 fresh juices + 2 coconut waters per day, an additional charge of $20 per day is made.
  • Daily meditation and yoga sessions (except Sundays)
  • Regular evening sharing circles and satsang gatherings
  • Some guidance in our healing modalities
  • A short housekeeping tour at beginning of the retreat
  • Use of our community spaces
  • Help coordinating day-trips for your retreat
  • Help coordinating transportation
  • Posting your retreat information on our website
  • Sharing your retreat information with our email list and local networks
  • We will do our best to accommodate the dietary requirements of your group and may be able to adapt menus to your needs. Our food is made fresh daily, using as much organic produce from our garden and from local growers as we can. We are however a vegan house, so no meat, eggs or dairy are permitted.

We follow fairly closely a specific Health and Nutrition Menu designed for The Sanctuary by a Mexican friend, Alex, who has studied at The Anne Wigmore centre in Sweden and at Gabriel Cousens Tree of Life center. The Menu has a specific purpose to help cleanse and invite light into the bodies. Click to view our Menu.  

Our guest stay includes a complete meal package as described above. Our budget takes account of some people choosing not to eat some meals (perhaps fasting or eating out) and we do not offer refunds for missed meals.

We understand that some potential guests may not be comfortable with the more simple living ways and some of the other challenging ways of living in community at The Sanctuary. It is important therefore that potential guests understand what and why we offer what we do:

Our offering at The Sanctuary, is quite specifically focused on doing our best to provide a space to help all who come here to awaken,  to relax into consciousness. Our "system" to help this arise includes at many energetic levels using many components such as our schedule, our vegan food, and much more which we detail in our terms and conditions. We emphasise community living in simple yet comfortable and beautiful spaces, meditating, singing, praying, learning, eating high vibration food, consciously relating, playing and relaxing together.

In addition to offering space for a potentially educational, community living, heart opening experience, we also offer a retreat space for facilitators such as yourself who would like to bring a group. We do our best with our schedule and infrastructure to provide to a beautiful conscious space where everything required is taken care of, leaving the facilitator more able to relax into the space, to be held, and to more fully be able to offer his or her unique gift to the retreat. 

Please ensure you check our schedule so you can see the time slots which we allocate for workshop/custom retreat teachings. Also, PLEASE BE CERTAIN to read our Terms and Conditions.

We welcome all to join our family, especially those who feel particularly drawn to our specific offering. 

We would love to help you create the perfect retreat for your guests. To help us do this, and to help us decide whether your offering is inline with the Healing Haven Vision, Mission and with our policies, please complete the form below, answering as many questions as possible. Please ask for clarification if anything is not clear.

Thank you. We look forward to working together


The Healing Haven Core Team

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