The Sanctuary offers the following structured cleanses and workshops (Custom Retreats) for our guests. Extended stays are available by including two or more Custom Retreats, or adding additional Personal Retreat nights either at The Sanctuary or The Pharm.

See note below re. premium pricing for Easter, Christmas & New Year periods. 

Sanctuary Detox Cleanse Retreat

Reset your body by removing toxins and feeding it with healthy, nutritious foods. It is highly beneficial to do a cleanse a couple times a year. Cleansing your body with raw food, fresh juices, coconut water, and/or water is like hitting a reset button for your body. It will revitalize your spirit, increase your energy levels, balance your hormones, and improve your digestion. Your skin will be glowing and you'll feel joyous all around!



Our All-Inclusive Detox Cleanse Package includes:

  • 7 nights accommodation. Choice of shared or private rooms. See rooms here.
  • Your choice of coconut water, fresh juices and/or raw foods freshly made each day
  • Three x 1 hour therapies of your choice (massage, breath-work, intuitive talk therapy with Reiki, crystal healing, sound therapy, etc.)
  • Three x 20-30 minute food/nutrition/healing/learning/support sessions with one of our staff
  • Daily meditation and yoga classes (except Sundays)
  • Unlimited use of the FIR sauna
  • Access to various healing modalities
  • A community of caring and conscious individuals to support you on your journey
  • Access to beautiful beaches

By joining this cleanse, you will likely experience heightened awareness of emotions. This is an opportunity to get in touch with these feelings and release the energy which may be holding you in the past. A cleanse can be a deeply transformational experience, unique for each individual. You are encouraged to take this time to relax and bring awareness to whatever comes up, joining our daily schedule and sharing with others living here. 

Although we share information and benefits of using our healing modalities, you are encouraged to also do your own research to aid you on your healing journey. As a starter we suggest reading this article on how to break a fast.

The Sanctuary Detox Cleanse is available year round. Please complete our booking form below to confirm availability.

  • $790 USD per person in shared room (usually Ascension or Peace room)
  • $930 USD in private room with shared bathroom (Healing room or Karma room)
  • $1,070 USD in private room with en-suite bathroom (Mandala room or Love Casita)

Please complete form at bottom of page to make a reservation

Additional nights available on a Personal Retreat basis

Surfing & Yoga Retreat

Come surf and practice yoga in Puerto Escondido, one of the world's surfing meccas! Experience surfing lessons from carefully our selected instructors. Enjoy relaxing and stretching with our yoga classes everyday. Calm your spirit with our meditations every morning and evening. You might walk away with one of the best experiences of your life!     

  • 7 nights shared room accommodation
  • delicious green smoothies and vegan meals everyday
  • one surfing theory and tips introductory session at approx. 8pm on evening of arrival.
  • 3 x 2-hour on-the-water surf lessons with our carefully selected surf instructor(s), usually 10.30-11am Monday, Wednesday & Friday.
  • one complimentary 1-hour healing therapy of your choice (massage, breath-work, sound therapy, etc.)
  • yoga, meditation and conscious workshop every morning (except Sundays)
  • two additional yoga classes (on the afternoons of the days in-between the surf lessons) to help integrate the lesson from the previous day.
  • some personal guidance in our holistic healing protocol from our staff
  • use of the FIR sauna (once per day, more if time allows)
  • access to various healing modalities
  • a conscious alcohol- and drug-free community to support you on your vacation

Usually starts every Sunday - See our Retreats Calendar for Scheduled Dates but please ask if scheduled dates do not fit your schedule as we may be able to change the dates.

Fees: $790 USD per person (Click here for room upgrade options). Complete form at bottom of page to book.

Life Force Renewal Retreat

The Sanctuary is delighted to offer this 2 week (14 night) retreat to share the teachings we have been using ourselves to help us expand in love and create abundant joyful lives.

In addition to an all inclusive Personal Retreat stay at The Sanctuary (which includes a bed in a shared room, all meals, daily yoga classes, evening community gatherings and much more), our Life Force Renewal Retreat also includes:

  • 10 Life Force Renewal sessions (including Reiki First Degree Initiation) with our Resident Teacher & Spiritual Healer  
  • 6 Kundalini Yoga classes
  • 2 One hour massages

Available year round, subject to Jonathan's availability. Click here for full details of this retreat.

Osho No Mind Retreat

(Starts Second Sunday of Each Month - See Retreats Calendar for Dates)

This Osho No Mind Retreat includes the 7 day Osho No Mind Therapy facilitated by Claudia Ramos, as part of an 8 night Personal Retreat at The Sanctuary. 

The Osho No Mind Group Therapy Includes the following:

For full information and price Click Here

Childhood Deconditioning Intensive Retreat

(Available all year round - subject to facilitator availability)

inner child .png

Want more vital energy? Want to be more creative and joyful? If so, perhaps you need this retreat! This retreat will rejuvenate you from inside out, with 10 intensive spiritual healing sessions from the which include teachings from the Osho tradition. The sessions will help you:

  • To realize consciousness of being.
  • To identify and release beliefs, identifications, structures and concepts acquired through our parents, ancestors, teachers, priests, etc.
  • To flow in the natural development of life.
  • To accept facts, even if it is painful.
  • To respond consciously and creatively to life situations.
  • To experience lovingly interpersonal relationships.
  • To identify our true and awakened life's purpose.
  • To support you in identifying aspects of your present life that are outdated and how you may bring about practical structured change.
  • To learn new techniques and practises to take away in to our daily lives.

The Childhood Deconditioning Process is facilitated by Jonathan Myracles who has studied, practised and administered such programs in a structured, loving and appropriate to suit the individual and their specific background. Jonathan blends tapping, osho, diet, reiki, healing massage and traditional local therapy such as temazcal, the ocean to love and support you on your healing and journey home to yourself.

The retreat priced between $2111.00 USD and $2660.00 depending on your preferred accommodation type. To enquire about this life transforming retreat please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

The Sanctuary Experience Retreat 

Come experience The Sanctuary in Puerto Escondido, Mexico in fashion! 

The Sanctuary Experience is for those who want to explore Puerto Escondido through guided activities as well as participate in our plant-based spiritual community. 

The Sanctuary Experience includes:

  • 7 nights accommodation at The Sanctuary
  • Two complimentary 1-hour healing therapies of your choice (massage, breath-work, sound therapy, etc.)
  • Two local excursions from the following - Dolphin/Turtle/Whale watching boat trip, Laguna de Manialtepec trip to view the phosphoresence, horseback ride to hot springs, or nature reserve boat trip (5.30 am start)
  • One Temazcal (traditional Mexican sweat lodge) experience
  • Morning green smoothie and home-cooked community lunch and dinner daily (except Sunday)
  • Yoga and meditation sessions daily (except Sunday)
  • Evening community gatherings daily (except Sunday)
  • Access to our healing modalities
  • Available all year round.

Fees: $790 USD per person (Click here for room upgrade options). Complete form at bottom of page to book.

The Sanctuary Combo Retreat


Unsure about choosing The Sanctuary Detox Cleanse or The Sanctuary Experience? Do you want to cleanse, yet also want to sample The Sanctuary's delicious food?

Here's the answer - The Sanctuary Combo, a combination of the two.

Beginning the week with 3 days of juicing/coconut water to detox and cleanse, breaking the fast on day four eating only fruit, then eating our normal vegan gluten free meals for the remainder of the week. Two therapy sessions are included for you to take at anytime. In the latter part of the week you have two excursions included.

  • 3 days of Juice & Coconut water
  • 3 x 20-30 minute detox support sessions with our staff
  • 2 Therapies of your choice (max. $50 each)
  • 2 Excursions (see Sanctuary Experience for choices)

7 Night All-Inclusive Sanctuary Combo Retreat

 Cost - $850 USD

(Click here for room upgrade options). Complete form at bottom of page to book.

NOTE: Peak Season Surcharge for Christmas / New Year & Easter

An additional charge of $10 USD per night is added to all retreats for Christmas & New Year weeks; Easter (Semana Santa) (9th - 22nd April 2017 inclusive) and Christmas (23rd December 2017 to 7th January 2018 inclusive) 

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