▼How do I get to The Sanctuary?

Click here for detailed instructions on how to get to the Sanctuary. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

▼What kind of food is served at the Sanctuary?

We serve plant-based foods and drinks free from all meats, fish, dairy, alcohol, and other animal products. We serve mostly gluten-free meals. Although we are not perfect, we do our absolute best to avoid unhealthy fats, oils and processed sugars. We do not allow coffee in the home -- if you really need some, there are many cafes in the area.

▼Do I need to speak Spanish??

It's helpful to know Spanish, but not vital to your stay here. The predominant language spoken in The Sanctuary is usually English. The teachings and classes are also offered in English, although we are planning to offer more bi-lingual classes.

Outside The Sanctuary, you'll have a much easier time navigating and interacting with people if you know some Spanish basics. The locals are kind and friendly, and truly appreciate any efforts we make to communicate in Spanish.

If you want to learn Spanish, Duolingo, StudySpanish, and Babbel are excellent starting points.

▼Am I required to participate in all the scheduled activities?

Our full-paying guests are free to do as little or as much as you want with the community. We do encourage our guests to participate as much as they can to get the most out of their stay at The Sanctuary.

Our Work Retreatants are asked to attend at least three morning meditation sessions per week, two yoga classes, and attend the daily morning check-in (except on your days off).

▼How safe is Mexico??

Puerto Escondido is relatively safe, and the Sanctuary is extremely safe. Many guests report feeling safer here than in their own countries.

There is a large European and American expat community in Puerto Escondido. They would probably not stay if the town were not safe. Of course there is some crime in Puerto Escondido, like any other place, but the rates are low and violent crime is virtually unheard of.

We do hear of occasional thefts in the area, so it is advisable not to take any bags, cameras, jewelery, and other valuables to the beach to avoid being targeted. When dark, it's better to avoid walking alone.

▼What other expenses will I incur at the Sanctuary?

Virtually everything you need is included in our prices. eg. bed, food, holistic healing modalities, yoga, etc.

Personal care items (shampoo, toothpaste, etc.) and laundry are not included. You can buy eco-friendly laundry soap from The Sanctuary so you can hand wash or we can launder for you for 20 pesos (~$1.25) per kilo.

A collectivo (shared taxi) ride into town is 7 pesos (>50 cents). Taxi rides to other (more swimmable) beaches are about 30-40 pesos (~$2-$2.50).

Dinners at restaurants are around 50 - 100 pesos (~$3-$6), coffees 15-20 pesos (~$1), coconuts 15-20 pesos (~$1).

Excursions for days off, such as a dolphin / whalewatching boat trip, may cost about 400 pesos (~$25) per person.

We also offer extra private healing therapies at the Sanctuary. Click here for more information.

With 1500-3000 extra pesos ($100-$200) per month, you can have many extras. However, if you are frugal and bring all your necessities, you can survive with virtually no extra money.

▼What should I bring for my stay?

Moringa Fresh and Wild, a small local health store, has a few necessities you may need. They sell beautiful handmade local ecological products and some imported goods, but these products may cost more than you'd expect. Bringing all your necessities, shampoo, toothpaste, etc., is actually quite a good idea....

Other useful things to consider bringing:

  • sunhat
  • natural (non-toxic) sunscreen - although available here
  • towel(s) for the beach (we only supply a towel for the house)
  • headlamp
  • water bottle
  • shawl/scarf
  • beach sarong
  • earplugs
  • supplements

▼How do I do laundry?

There are closeby laundries (using commercial soap) who charge about 15 pesos per kilo. Generally we do not offer a laundry service at The Sanctuary, but sometimes it may be possible, so please ask. We use ecological soap and charge 50 pesos per kilo.

▼Do I need a visa?

The requirements depend on your citizenship, but most people can complete a form on the plane and receive a 180 day tourist visa.

Click here for extensive information on the government's immigration website.

▼What's the swimming like in Puerto Escondido?

There are several beaches in Puerto Escondido, some more swimmable than others. Puerto's most famous beach, Zicatela, is great for surfing but not usually for swimming. Playa Marinero, Carrizalillo, Puerto Angelito, Manzanillo are usually swimmable. La Punta is walking distance from the Sanctuary and is quite swimmable at times.

It's good to be aware of the flags - red is dangerous, yellow is moderately dangerous and green is safe.

If you use common sense, stay close to the beach, and avoid big waves, you'll be fine.

Click here for a bit more information about the beaches in Puerto Escondido.