Core Team Placements

Our Healing Haven Community (which includes The Sanctuary and The Pharm) has ongoing openings for bright, enterprising, open hearted people with intention to help the integration and expansion of personal and global consciousness. The Core Team positions are offered as a "trial" on both sides for a small number of more permanent Nurturing Team positions. It is necessary for you to have completed a Warrior of the Heart Program with us before applying for a core team position.

Previous experience living and working in meditation centers, retreat centers, organic farms and/or intentional communities is highly preferred. A commitment to work towards a "no blame", "full self-responsibility" culture is sought from applicants. We are looking for loving souls who are aware that they are on a conscious awakening journey and embrace a consciousness of oneness (taking FULL responsibility for all of creation as the god that they are).  This is a requirement which will undoubtedly be challenged during your time here. You are encouraged to read this blog from a former "core team" member:

Holacracy - A Revolutionary Management System

We are currently transitioning our ways of working to that of a TEAL organisation using the system of Holacracy. "Holacracy is a revolutionary management system that redefines management and turns everyone into a leader. Holacracy distributes authority and decision-making throughout an organization, and defines people not by hierarchy and titles, but by roles. Holacracy creates organizations that are fast, agile, and that succeed by pursuing their purpose, not following a dated and artificial plan."

And a Personal Growth Program!

"While the “mirror effect” might feel truly uncomfortable and intrusive — after all you haven’t asked anything to anyone! — this is a great opportunity to go deep into self-examination and self-discovery work, until eventually uncovering the nature of your fears, attachments, resistance to let go, and belief system. When you feel ready to receive all of the portions of the layout the mirror offers to you — the sweet as well as the raw — that mirror can turn out to be a powerful weapon to engage in a thoughtful self-reflection — “holding up the mirror,” so to speak." - from the Self Management and Human Growth article linked to below

The picture below is a snapshot of The Sanctuary Holacracy super-circle (one of the circles within the Healing Haven Community circle) in our Holacracy system as of 3rd May 2017.

Please visit this link to view our full up to date Holacracy system, the circles it contains and the roles within the circles. You can zoom in or out by clicking on the circles to see more or less detail. To see the purpose, domains and accountabilities, click on the name of the circle (bearing in mind this is a work in progress and not all necessary info. is complete. The roles in the Healing Haven Community super circle effect both The Sanctuary and The Pharm circles, whereas the roles in The Sanctuary or The Pharm circles are specific to just that circle. Also note that the Facilitator, Secretary, Lead Link & Rep Link roles in each circle are Holacracy defined roles which each take up probably a maximum of 1 hour per week. 

We have many roles to fill to help nurture the Healing Haven & surrounding community but do not necessarily ask you to apply for specific roles. Rather, the current team take on roles based on their abilities and preferences.  Each person in the organisation takes on more than one role, often several roles. The roles you fill are not dependent upon where you stay. You may stay at The Sanctuary, or The Pharm, or a combination of the two over the 5 month period. 


Before Applying:

  • Read the first chapter of Radical Forgiveness
  • Read up to the end of the Aligning Intent in Part I in The Presence Process
  • In order to begin to understand Holacracy, the self-managing system to which we are transitioning, read this 5 part article: Self-Management and Human Growth
  • Read this article about one organisations fifteen month Holacracy journey so far.
  • Complete the question about the above four items on the application form.
  • Read our Healing Protocol page including watching the short videos and at least some of the links
  • Before Arrival:

    If we come to an agreement for you to join our team, it will be necessary before you arrive (or within 2 weeks of arriving if you do not have time before) for you to commit some time (estimated 20 hours or more) to read the Holacracy Book then take a Holacracy Self-Assesment Assessment (aiming for a 50% or greater result), to help you assess where you are and what to focus on to improve your understanding and knowledge. We will provide the necessary material for you to study. Additional study to continue to learn about Holacracy will be a part of your working hours.

    During Your Stay:

    In addition to your working hours

  • Choose and practice a spiritual discipline (the Presence Process Procedure is recommended for most)
  • Attend at least three morning meditation sessions per week. You may be asked to hold space for/lead some meditations.
  • Attend at least two yoga classes per week (in addition to teaching classes as part of your working time if you are a yoga teacher)
  • Attend the daily morning breakfast check-in (except on your days off)
  • Our Core Team agree to work 25 hours per week as part of the energy exchange for their stay, as well as to attend and agreed number of activities (mediatation, yoga etc.). This is beneficial both for the Core Team member (learning to work and live as part of a family team), and for The Sanctuary (passing the cost savings of reduced employees onto our guests as well as to be able to offer these Core Team positions).

    To be able to receive the full energetic and spiritual benefits of staying at The Sanctuary, it is important that our Core Team willingly complete the agreed working hours and activity attendance.

    If we find a Core Team members actions are not aligned with his or her initial commitment and do not come back into alignment they may be asked to leave early.

    It is necessary that you bring a laptop for correspondence and other administrative work (tablets and phones are not suitable for this work). These positions require 25 hours per week work (after the first month you are expected to manage your own hours to an absolute maximum of 30 hours per week), so you still have time for fully participating in our program which includes our Daily Schedule and our Healing Modalities to help you progress on your "healing" journey through life.


    Before confirming a Core Team position with intention to join our Nurturing Team if there is a good fit, we ask you stay at The Sanctuary and/or The Pharm for one month for a Work Retreat and warrior programme (working 10, 15 or 20 hours per week - for a charge - see our Work Retreat page for details)

    If you commit to a core team placement the investment payable in advance is $175.00 USD per month payable in cash advance converted into MXN peso. We find that if you are not able to make these levels of straightforward investments in yourself and our mission your journey here will unlikely be harmonic and its mutually beneficial that you are able to make this level of investment in yourself and acknowledge the value of the space, its energy, its resourses and its people to qualify for a core team position.

    Please be aware that we are not offering a paid job. What we are offering could be called a business and personal self-management & spiritual growth training internship. This has potential to lead to a nurturing team position with abundance, or support in opening a centre of your own in the future perhaps in partnership with the Healing Haven Community. 

    If you are a Puerto Escondido resident (of at least 5 years, and do not wish to live at The Sanctuary or The Pharm) a starting salary will be agreed upon with the successful applicant.


    • Free shared room accommodation (which may be at The Sanctuary, The Pharm or another annexe). Please note that it is a requirement to stay in The Sanctuary, The Pharm or an annexe if we have one for the entire 5 month period. If possible, when there are spare private sleeping spaces we will allocate these to Core Team members after the first month, but it will require flexibility on your part to swiftly move back into a shared sleeping space if the private space needed for guests.
    • Free meals and smoothies
    • Paid and sometimes discounted access to healing modalities offered at The Sanctuary
    • Free access to yoga classes, meditation sessions, and evening programs at The Sanctuary. (limited access if living at The Pharm).
    • Potential for a monthly stipend for months 3, 4 and 5, based on individual and organisation performance and subject to cash flow availability. This is not intended to be a salary, but a small amount of money (perhaps around 1,000 pesos) to enable you to pay for some luxuries (eg. taxi fare to a distant beach, personal care items, occasional meals out etc.). There is no guarantee of this payment. However if you are committed to your spiritual growth, able to recognise the ego AKA "little me and big me" when they rise, and using the support available around you to remind you who you really are (god), then an abundance will more likely begin to flow.
    • Opportunity to earn money from offering therapies to our guests.

    All Core Team applicants will invest in themselves by choosing to join our Spiritual Warrior Program during their first month trial.

    On completion of a 5 month Core team position, if there is a good fit we may offer a Nurturing Team position. These longer term positions are likely to be for a minimum of 3 years with at least 6 months each year in residence. The longer Nurturing Team positions are to help provide a more stable team, for which in return we aim to offer a "good" standard of living, as between us we create an abundance to be shared. More details about Nurturing Team positions on request.

    To apply for a Core Team position, please continue to our Work Retreats page, reading all the drop down menus to familiarise yourself with the requirements (which also apply for Core Team positions), then complete the application form at the bottom of the page, being sure to select the Core Team Trial option, and checking the Spiritual Warrior Program option if you also choose that.

    Please connect with The Sanctuary & The Pharm Facebook pages.

    We look forward to hearing from you.