Osho Childhood Deconditioning Therapy

Offered Year Round, subject to facilitators availability.


Conflicting situations in relation with our parents which have not healed or matured; unfulfilled promises etc. are raw patterns that are formed in our unconscious mind. These determine our way of behaving, leading to infighting in our day to day decisions, eroding our vital energy, making our body-mind sick.

We can heal from these by bringing the unconscious patterns into the light, within a protected environment and in total confidence. In that way our vital energy is more available for creativity and joy.  This is our birthright. At the same time this renewed attitude offers us a support base to go deeper in meditation practice.

We lost the contact with the essential being; not knowing who we are, living an accidental life in which we respond to the loss in a mechanical way, without stopping to look inward. We do not know how.

There is the possibility to open up to a new dimension which proposes return to the Being, using the structure of the personality to rescue the essential aspects of the individual. In this way we can begin to have an existential life, dealing with the challenges posed by this changing world in consciousness.

With the 10 one-on-one Childhood Deconditioning sessions, each approximately 90 minutes long, we open:

  • To objective consciousness of being.
  • To identify, make available and release beliefs, identifications, structures and concepts acquired through our parents, ancestors, teachers, priests, etc.
  • To flow in the spontaneous and natural development of the facts.
  • To accept the fact, even if it is painful.
  • To respond consciously and creatively to the situations that life presents to us
  • To experience lovingly interpersonal relationships

The Childhood Deconditioning Therapy is a series of 10 personal sessions:

Childhood Deconditioning Facilitators

The Childhood Deconditioning sessions will be facilitated by Alejandro and/or Patricia.

Alejandro & Patricia are co-creators of the project Temazcalli Meditative Space, in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. 

Alejandro Villanueva.

 Alejandro and Patricia

Alejandro and Patricia

Corporal expression and pantomime at the Academy of performing arts Samy Molcho in Vienna Austria; Psychology of perception focused on design at the school of applied arts in Linz, Austria; Training as instructor of body mind techniques in the Institute Rio Abierto Mexico; Courses on Vipassana Meditation in Centro de Meditación Vipassana Mexico; Training as a therapist of primary feelings, childhood deconditioning, in different centers of Osho Afroz Greece, Osho Miasto Italy. Osho Oaxaca, Mexico DF http://www.primaltantra.com/terapistqualified.htm

Diploma on Grief Therapy and Advanced Counseling Seminar on Grief Therapy by the center of studies on human development, S.C., certified by the Regional University of the South-East, A.C.

Patricia Heuze

Training as instructor of body mind techniques in the Institut Rio Abierto Mexico; Training as technician in psychodrama at the National School of psychodrama; Training at Kalpulli Koakalko on traditional medicine techniques focused basically on the temascal; Courses in Vipassana Meditation in Centro de Meditación Vipassana México; Techniques of Transomatic Dialogue in the Centre of Osho Oaxaca

Training as a therapist in therapy of primary feelings, childhood deconditioning, in different centers of Osho Afroz Greece, Osho Miasto Italy. Osho Oaxaca, Mexico DF Osho http://www.primaltantra.com/terapistqualified.htm

More Information

You will stay at The Sanctuary in Puerto Escondido, a very nice healing retreat center located 500 metres from La Punta Zicatela beach. Please read more about The Sanctuary here.

  • At 10.30 am each day you will take a short trip to Temezcalli for the Childhood Deconditioning sessions and be returned to join the rest of The Sanctuary community for a delicious vegan lunch at 1pm.

During the afternoon you will have time for some "homework" to integrate the work from the morning session. There will also be some time for swimming in the healing waters of the ocean & watching the sunset from the beach. You may then choose to join some of our evening workshops. See our schedule here



“I am dealing with the contemporary man, who is the most restless being that has ever evolved on the earth. But people do become silent; you just have to allow them to throw out their madness, insanity, then they themselves become silent.”Osho
SUMMARY - Be ready to dig deep into yourself!
  • 7 or 14 nights all inclusive accommodation at The Sanctuary
  • Community living in a drug- and alcohol-free home with a garden and many flowers
  • Daily morning Yoga class (except Sunday) - (unless your sessions are with Alejandro & Patricia)
  • Morning Dynamic Meditations (if your sessions are with Ma Prem Neelam)
  • 10 Childhood Deconditioning sessions.
  • Healing foods and access to all the healing modalities at The Sanctuary
  • Ocean bathing and surfing just 500 meters from the house
  • Use of FIR Sauna (at least once a day, more if time allows)
  • Massage, Reiki, other healing therapies, whale/dolphin/turtle boat trips available as optional extras

Fees: $1,190 USD for a 7 night stay or $1,690 for a 14 night stay.

Although we have priced this retreat for you to stay in a shared room, and offer the option of coming for one week only (for those with less time or on a tighter budget), we recommend that you book a 14 night stay for a less intense experience and to give you more time to integrate the work. We also recommend that you book a private room for more privacy during this challenging therapeutic work. (Click here for room upgrade options).

If you are a local resident not needing accommodation, or you have already booked your accommodation at The Sanctuary, please complete the form below and ask for the Therapy Only price.

Complete the form at the bottom of this page to enquire about availability or to book your space.

NOTE: Peak Season Surcharge for Christmas / New Year & Easter

An additional charge of $10 USD per night is added to all retreats for Christmas & New Year weeks (2017 dates to be advised) and Easter (Semana Santa) (9th - 22nd April 2017 inclusive).

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