8 night (7 day) Osho No Mind Therapy Intensive Retreat

(Starts 2nd Sunday of Each Month) - See Retreats Calendar for Dates)

This intensive No Mind Therapy is being offered as a Custom Retreat at The Sanctuary facilitated by Claudia Ramos. 

Osho No Mind is a seven-day therapy, which includes one hour of Gibberish and one hour of silent sitting together as a group from about 10am to 12am.

It also includes the one hour Osho Dynamic Meditation at 6.30 am, one hour Osho Kundalini Meditation in the late afternoon, followed by the Osho Evening Meeting after dinner. Click the links for more details.



“I am dealing with the contemporary man, who is the most restless being that has ever evolved on the earth. But people do become silent; you just have to allow them to throw out their madness, insanity, then they themselves become silent.”Osho

In this part of the mid-morning No Mind session, we have the perfect opportunity to throw out the gibberish of the mind. As Osho explains, “Gibberish is one of the most scientific ways to clean your mind”. And also that:
“To be in the mind is to be out of yourself.
To be out of the mind is to be in your own being.”

“Just go inwards and it is not thousands of miles away. It is only thousands of thoughts away. 

“So it is only a question of reducing the thoughts and the mileage is reduced.
If you don't have any thoughts, you are in it. You are it.

“You don't have to go anywhere; you have to simply go on throwing your thoughts.

“That is the purpose of our gibberish before the meditation. Just a time to throw everything, without inhibition. These creatures that you throw out are eating your head continuously, destroying your intelligence. Catch them and throw them out.”

What Is Gibberish?

Just say everything that you ever wanted to say and have not been able to say because of civilization, education, culture, and society. Be very passionate, as if you are talking, as if your whole life is at stake. You are talking nonsense and there is nobody except you, but be passionate, be in a passionate dialogue. Saying anything that is moving in your mind, all kinds of rubbish – throw it out.

And say it in any language you don’t know! Use Chinese, if you don't know Chinese. Use Japanese if you don't know Japanese. Don't use German if you know German. Shouting, laughing, crying, making noises … making gestures …. Sounds will come – utter them – and one sound will lead into another. Soon you will be speaking Chinese and Italian and French, languages that you don’t know. Simply allow whatever comes to your mind without bothering about its rationality, reasonability, meaning, or significance. For the first time enjoy that freedom -- the same as all the birds have.

Do it totally, with great enthusiasm …. Be authentic, honest …. You have to be total. Don’t act or do it automatically like a robot. Be sincere … make it a reality …. So don't be partial, don't be middle-class. Be a first-rate crazy man! Just go crazy without any fear. Don't spare anything. Don't sit there like a Buddha; that stage comes later. Remember, the first step in meditation is to forget the whole world and just bring out all your craziness in rubbish, gibberish sounds, gestures …. As you throw it out you will find yourself becoming light, becoming more alive. But be total because once you are freed of it, then there is a possibility of going deeper into silence than you have ever gone.

As Osho describes it:

“It is one of the most ecstatic meditations ever. As you go into it, get more and more ecstatic with it. If your body starts moving, your hands start moving, gestures happen and you feel like standing up or jumping or dancing, allow it. Let your whole body and being say it. And get deeper and deeper into it – be possessed by it.

“Out of this will arise the second part, a great silence in which you have to close your eyes and freeze your body, all its movements, gather your energy within yourself.”

This is the second part of the No Mind session during the late mornings.

Be silent. Close your eyes. Feel the body to be completely frozen.

“Now you are ready to go inwards with all your consciousness, with all your life energy. Move towards the center of your being. That is from where you have come and that is where everybody goes back.

“Deeper and deeper … the deeper you go, the more fragrant becomes the air. The deeper you go, suddenly flowers start showering on you. At the deepest point you are the buddha. The buddha means simply witnessing, pure witnessing. Just witness: the body is there, the mind is there, but you are neither.

“You are a separate force which comes from the center, and the center is joined with eternity. It knows no birth, no death. This buddha is your ultimate potential, the very Everest of consciousness. Great is the splendor of this moment.” - Osho




  • 8 nights accommodation at The Sanctuary
  • Community living in a drug- and alcohol-free home with a garden and many flowers
  • Daily Yoga class (except Sunday)
  • Dynamic Meditation, No Mind sessions, Kundalini Meditation & evening activities and gatherings.
  • Healing foods, juices and access to all the healing modalities at The Sanctuary
  • Ocean bathing and surfing just 500 meters from the house
  • Intuative sessions, Massage, Reiki, other healing therapies, whale/dolphin/turtle boat trips available as optional extras.

Be ready to dig deep into yourself!

This retreat starts with arrival on Sunday, with the seven day process commencing on Monday. Departure is the following Monday morning.  - See our Retreats Calendar for Scheduled Dates but please ask if scheduled dates do not fit your schedule as we may be able to change the dates if you are the first to book.

Fees: $990 USD per person (Click here for room upgrade options).

If you book for two people together, you will receive a $100 USD discount per person.

Please be certain to read our Terms and Conditions before booking

Complete the form at the bottom of this page to book.

If you are a local resident not needing accommodation, or you have already booked your accommodation at The Sanctuary, please complete the form below & ask for a price for the 7 day Therapy only.

NOTE: Peak Season Surcharge for Christmas / New Year & Easter

An additional charge of $10 USD per night is added to all retreats for Christmas & New Year weeks and Easter (Semana Santa - 9th - 22nd April 2017 inclusive). Christmas 2017 dates to be advised.

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