Personal Retreats


A Personal Retreat at The Sanctuary can be a time to reconnect with yourself and your heart.

We are just a five minute walk from the ocean, so you are able to enjoy magnificent sunsets, breathing to the sound and freedom of the waves, while laying on a sun-bed sipping fresh coconut water.


On the beach you can meditate alone or with others.



We offer you a unique experience to break away from the mundane and explore your inner world by following our scheduled program if you wish.  We also encourage you to be free with your time here, enjoying local excursions, swimming, surfing and just Being and observing, sitting at a cafe in the calm, flowing energy of La Punta.


Our Guests are encouraged to participate in any and all our included free community activities designed to help expand your consciousness, taking you to new levels of self-awareness. It is likely you will be able to identify and release emotional energy that no longer serves you, freeing your mind, opening your heart, enabling you to begin to visualise new possibilities for your life experience.

Our Personal Retreats include:

  • Shared room accommodation with delicious vegan food included. Private room upgrade available
  • Daily yoga and meditation sessions (Monday-Saturday)
  • Delicious morning smoothies and plant-based lunches and dinners
  • Morning and evening sharing circles
  • Kundalini trainings (beginner level) three afternoons per week

See below this weeks Daily Schedule as an example of a typical week. 

Note: Prices shown are for drop in participants. All included for Guests at The Sanctuary


Our Personal Retreats also include use of our Holistic Healing Modalities.  We offer a weekly Q & A session Please ask if you would like any of the equipment or supplements shown.

Using a variety of these modalities, our guests report many benefits which include: 

  • Relaxation
  • Weight Loss
  • Improved Digestion
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Balanced Blood Sugar
  • Greater Self-Esteem
  • Sense of Peace
  • Feeling of Connection
  • Sense of Well-Being

We serve only plant-based foods for ethical and health reasons. We grow as much food as we can and buy organic wherever possible. We do our best to prepare our food with love and care. We serve both raw and cooked foods.

Maybe you're experiencing transitions and wish to develop a new passion, find some direction, and realise your life purpose (and even learn to surf while you are here).  

Perhaps you're having a particular health experience and would like to use natural health remedies instead of conventional medicines.

Break away from the hustle and bustle of daily life to relax and recuperate.

If you said yes or found yourself nodding to any of these statements, a personal retreat at The Sanctuary would be perfect for you!

"The Sanctuary is a place that aims to promote a Yoga Lifestyle based teachings. They do not force anything on you, you join when you want with no pressure. Personally I found it very refreshing and useful. Peter and team allow you to tap into a Lifestyle of vegan, community, reflexion, meditation, yoga and so on. At the end you can take back home exactly what you want. The Sanctuary surpassed my expectations, and left with a very positive experience." - Jose - Personal Retreat Guest Jan 2017

What is the cost of a Personal Retreat?

  • Prices above are all inclusive of food and program. 
  • Discounts available for stays of more than 1 week - ask for details.  
  • We also offer Custom Retreats which include a Personal Retreat + additional classes or activities.

NOTE: Peak Season Surcharge for Christmas / New Year & Easter

An additional charge of $10 USD per person per night is added to all retreats for Christmas & New Year weeks (23rd December 2017 to 7th January 2018 inclusive) & Easter Period (9th - 22nd April 2017 inclusive)

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