Please read ALL the following terms and conditions before applying for a stay at The Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary is not a hotel or a hostel.  Although The Sanctuary is referred to as a Retreat Centre, it is not like any other retreat centre (some of which often charge as much as 5 times as much as we do), so please come without expectations.  It is a large family house in which we can all support each other in our healing processes and retreat experience. The Sanctuary offers you a peaceful and graceful retreat from the world and we encourage you not to retreat from yourself, delve in to self and emotional awareness and begin to recognise how your surroundings reflect your inner state of being.

For all Karma gratitude exchange positions it is important that you recognise that part of your self responsibility and your agreement with us is to not bring or support the energies of judgment, drama or resistance and its very important you dont project them on to other guests. Of course there may be a day or two required to adapt but after that should these energies, behaviours and belief systems prevail we will share with you and give you support in taking the opportunity choose differently and / or chat about whether this is the correct space for you. It's important that you recognise this is sacred space to heal, learn and grow, so acting out, drama, judgement and projection are not at home here and are better served in other spaces around this wonderful planet.

Please do NOT book to stay at The Sanctuary unless you have read, agree with, and accept ALL of the following. This way we all know what to expect, without possible projected expectations and have a more harmonious experience. Thank you.

We do not entertain drama. Please be sure to bear this in mind before booking. We HIGHLY recommend commencing The Presence Process before arriving to help with this. To preserve the healing energy of the space, and to avoid others being drawn into drama, please understand that you may be asked to leave early (without refund) if we find your behaviour is not conducive to the space. We can offer personal coaching sessions (such as non-violent communication, self-responsibility/no blame/consciousness of oneness) at additional cost to help resolve such issues.

We do not include maid service or staff on duty all day. What we offer is a unique experience. Please be certain to read every detail of this page so you know what we offer. Thank you.


We are a plant-based household serving a fairly high percentage od raw (and gluten-free) foods. Please ask in advance if you have any specific dietary restrictions so we can let you know if our kitchen can handle your request.

Our normal menu consists of a large green smoothie for breakfast (sometimes with one or more tonics e.g. ginger, moringa, turmeric, agnihotra ash, cardamon, cinnamon, aloe vera, cayenne, cloves, etc.) and a nutricious and healthy vegan lunch and dinner. All meals are homemade with lots of love.

Although avoiding snacking between meals might be more supportive to the healing process, for those who wish we usually supply a mid morning "Nutri-meal snack" or fruit, and either a mid afternoon drink or fresh fruit.

If you find you would like additional food, then there is a fruit seller just 1 minutes walk from The Sanctuary gate so you can buy more fruit for yourself.

Please be aware that access to the kitchen is strictly limited to those who are cooking and prepping and cleaning up, and is NOT available for guests use.

No food is allowed in bedrooms to avoid attracting insects. There is a small fridge just outside the kitchen where you can label and store a small amount of (vegan - non processed) personal food.

You may find it supportive to your health to supplement the food we provide with some superfoods like spirulina and maca, which are not included in our prices. They are available for purchase at Moringa Fresh and Wild which is about 10 mins walk from The Sanctuary.

No coffee, alcohol, white sugar, meat, fish, processed junk foods or dairy products are allowed at The Sanctuary.

If you are not used to such a clean diet, you may experience detox symptoms such as flu-like feelings, body aches and pains, headaches, tiredness, and/or emotional outbreaks. As you eat more higher vibration foods, the old lower vibration energies in your body will release in physical and emotional forms. The symptoms may be reduced by following some of our healing modalities.

▼Fasting on Sunday

We fast on Sundays with water, coconut water, and/or fruit for several reasons. Fasting gives our digestive system a rest and provides an opportunity to focus on the spiritual.

Although not required, we've found this practice to be beneficial for the majority of our guests.

No food preparation is done on Sundays.

▼Drinking Water

We are currently using filtered tap water. We are always looking for ways to improve the purity and vibration of our water and invite our guests to help us investigate options.

▼Unhealthy Substances

No alcohol, tobacco, illegal plant medicines, or pharmaceutical drugs (unless declared) are allowed at The Sanctuary.

We strongly encourage that whilst staying at The Sanctuary, you refrain from drinking alcohol, smoking, etc. While it is permissable to engage in these activities outside The Sanctuary, please be aware of the impact your actions have on guests who are undergoing intense cleanses. If we find a guest's actions in this respect are not supportive of the healing space he may be asked to leave with a partial refund (as per our early departure terms below) for unused days.

We also ask you to only bring organic natural personal care products such as toothpaste, shampoo and deodorants (actually we recommend no deodorant). We supply organic soap in the bathrooms & other natural products can be obtained at Moringa Fresh & Wild health store about 10 minutes walk away. If you do bring any of these mainstream toxic products you will be asked to check them in on arrival and take them away when you leave.

▼Perfumes, Colognes, Fragrances, and Scents

Please be aware The Sanctuary is an artificial frangrance-free zone. Please don't bring any scented hygiene or laundry products, since these can significantly affect some community members with chemical sensitivities. In addition, don't pack candles or incense.

▼Environmental Conditions

The Sanctuary is located in a suburban area. There are noises around us such as dogs barking, roosters crowing (often during the night and early mornings) and local vendors with loudspeakers from their vehicles. We are about 100 meters from a basketball court where events and parties are sometimes held with very loud music. This usually occurs only once or twice a month, but can be more frequent during holiday periods. We also have a neighbour who turns his music up very loud during the day once or twice a month.

Most people get used to the sounds around. Others are disturbed and have trouble sleeping. Please obtain earplugs if you feel this may be a problem for you.

The Sanctuary is a "chemical" free house, offering vegan (as organic as possible) food. Please be aware that we are probably only 60-70% approximately organic at the moment but doing our best to improve upon this. Also be aware that some of our neighbors sometimes burn stuff in their gardens (even plastic sometimes) but it is not a huge issue as it depends on wind direction and it's not that often.

We are in Mexico and it is glorious and beautiful! It is a hot country with lots of different bugs including cockroaches and scorpions live in this country. Although we do our best, you may see some in the house at some point, even in the kitchen. Your help in always shutting the screen doors keeps bugs outside. We do not kill the animals we see them as living beings alough we can support you in removing them from your room as far as reasonable and practical. It is not possible to change rooms if you see or experience inspects / bugs this is simply because they exist more in this country. If you inform us on the next working day we will make the best efforts possible to remove them form your space the next working day.

We are responsible for room allocation and it is not part of our agreement for you to decide or move your room.

We have two cats which are allowed in the house. If you think this may be a problem for you, re. Allergies etc. then please do not book. Sometimes we have a dog in the garden.

There are sometimes burglaries in the area. Therefore it is necessary to keep the windows closed at night in some rooms. In our Mandala room all windows need to be closed at night. There are adequate fans in the room. Air conditioning is an optional extra.

▼Security and Insurance

Like any place in the world, there are always possibilities of outside negative energies, accidents, burglaries, etc. We advise taking sensible precautions by closing windows and locking doors at night and when the house is empty. The Sanctuary is unable to recompense for any personal loss or injury. If you are not comfortable with this, you have the option of obtaining your own personal insurance.

▼Lights out and Internet Use

To support healing during sleep and ensure sufficient rest for an early start with morning meditation, the house is locked at 10:30 PM, Wi-Fi is turned off, and silence is maintained thereafter until after meditation (7:35 AM) the following morning. Exceptions may be made in rare circumstances.

The internet here can be very slow at times. While it’s obvious our modern world is very connected through the internet, and we may think it impossible to live without it, The Sanctuary can be a place to disconnect from machines and reconnect with our true nature.

Additionally, in order to keep The Sanctuary running smoothly, we need to keep the wireless networks as clear as possible for important administrative tasks and we ask for your cooperation in observing the following guidelines:

  1. Please turn your phones off or put them on airplane mode when you are not making or awaiting an important call.
  2. If you do need to make or answer an important call, please go outside the gates to chat.
  3. Please limit social network browsing to the bare minimum. This means only using facebook for important and specific contact with family and friends.
  4. Please avoid streaming youtube or any other videos unless completely necessary.
  5. Please turn your internet off when you are not using it.
  6. Please do not use internet or phones in bedrooms after 9pm.

▼Check in and Check out times

To allow time for cleaning and preparing of sleeping spaces, we ask for you to Check in after 2pm and Check out by 10am. Evening meal is included on arrival day. Breakfast Smoothie is included on departure day.


Although The Sanctuary is predominantly a space for adults, there have been and will continue to be rare occasions when we accept children as guests in our healing space. The child's age and maturity are the most important factors in our decision.

▼Payment Terms, Cancellation, and Early Departure

While our prices are quoted in US Dollars, we ask for payment to be made in local currency (MXN Pesos) calculated at the rate shown on on the day of the transaction.

We require a 60% deposit paid by Paypal (in MXN Pesos) to reserve your space. The balance is due in cash immediately upon arrival, before occupying your room.

Please ensure you arrive with sufficient cash to pay upir balance. Cash machines usually have a limit of 5 to 6,000 pesos per day (although i have found, that as long as my banks daily withdrawal limit is high enough i can put my card in again and withdraw another 5 or 6,000 pesos). If you prefer you may pay the balance by Paypal before arrival with an additional charge of 5% to cover the Paypal charges (we absorb this fee for the initial 60% payment).

If you cancel before arrival, you will forfeit any deposits paid.

If staying as a Guest (not applicable for Work Retreat participants) you leave The Sanctuary early, you will receive a 40% refund on the unused days. For private rooms we give a 25% refund for unused days if you arrive late or leave early.

Payments for the Non-Resident (teaching-only) option of our Workshops and Custom Retreat are non-refundable, as decisions are often made and costs incurred based upon payments received.

▼Qualified/Professional Staff

Because most of our work is done by our work retreat participannts and local workers, we are able to offer prices that are vastly lower than most other retreat centers. Our daily schedule, including yoga classes, is facilitated by both our work retreatants and staff who may not on some occaisions have professional qualifications although they are all expienced, commited and devoted to what they are doing.

What the Sanctuary is able to offer often depends on the skills and talents of those staying in our community. In rare cases, it may not be possible to fully maintain our schedule, but we are often able to offer more.

Although we do our best to support our guests taking advantage of our healing protocol, juice fasting, raw food & other retreats, some self-research and application is required. We have an ample supply of guidance by way of books, video & audio. Some of our activities will be gatherings were we encourage self enquiry and group sharing. We inspire you to consider the power and value of listening or watching something enlightening in a group. Our materials are specifically chosen based on what have been supportive and transformative to our founders, teachers and gustes. Of course you're free to choose your level of involvement and doing so with an open heart and quiet mind will support you in doing so. Your time here is a great opportunity to become introspective and observe yourself. We have aligned with the some of the key principles of the law of attraction so if you are able to consider that your expiece is teaching and showing you what you need to heal from your past so you can live freer in your present and your future great life changing realisations can happen for you here.

In order to keep our fees extremely low, we do not employ professionally qualified support. We do offer our guests introductory support meetings with our staff, but these are limited to about 15 to 20 minutes. Further weekly meetings are available on request. During the summer season, these support meetings may take place via Skype. With advance notice, we can offer more in-depth personal guidance sessions as an optional extra service.

Please be aware that most of our staff only work part time. They also need their own space and time undisturbed. Generally our staff are only available for brief support or questions up until lunchtime. Obviously, for emergencies, you may ask questions that cannot wait.

Last update 11th February 2017