The Sanctuary and its carefully selected resident and partner facilitators offer a variety of treatments. If you do wish to book a therapy with us please email us at

  • Intuitive Talk Therapy + Reiki with Jonathan
    • 90 minutes: $77 USD by Paypal or 1333 Pesos cash
    • 60 minutes: $60 USD by Paypal or 1111 Pesos cash
  • Intuitive Energy Healing Massage With Maria
    • 60 minutes -- $44 USD by Paypal or 740 Pesos cash
  • Relaxing Massage with Lili
    • 60 minutes -- $44 USD by Paypal or 740 Pesos cash
  • Reflexology with Cristina
    • 60 minutes -- $44 USD by Paypal or 740 Pesos cash
    • 90 minutes -- $50 USD by Paypal or 850 Pesos cash
  • Sound and Reiki Healing with Jonathan
    • 60 mins -- $44 USD by Paypal or 750 Pesos cash
  • Breathwork with Kat
    • 90 mins -- $42 USD by Paypal or 700 Pesos cash
  • Crystal & Reiki Healing with Jonathan
    • 60 mins -- $44 USD by Paypal or 740 Pesos cash
  • Acupuncture with Cecelia or Juan
    • 60 minutes-- $42 by Paypal or 700 Pesos cash
  • Private Yoga Class
    • 90 minutes -- $44 USD by Paypal or 440 Pesos cash
  • Holistic Health Coaching with Atma
    • Initial 45-minute consultation -- $33 USD or 500 Pesos cash
    • 20-minute follow-up sessions -- $15 USD or 250 Pesos cash

To Make an Appointment please email:

Payments can either choose to pay by Paypal in USD, or if you are already in Puerto Escondido you may choose the Pay Later option and pay in Pesos at The Sanctuary to confirm your appointment. 

All appointments are to be paid in advance. If you do not turn up then you will receive a 50% refund, the balance being retained to pay an admin charge and some compensation to the facilitator.


31 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Massage The conclusion of this article states that "Massage can provide you with a wide range of health benefits. It helps to decrease stress and to relax, alleviates pain and provides general health improvement. Undergoing massage regularly boosts your immune system and helps fitness performance."

Our Practitioners

  Atma Sangat Singh

Atma Sangat Singh

Atma, the founder of The Sanctuary, was born in England. He became aware of being on a spiritual journey in late 2005 just before moving overseas initially to Turkey. His learning continued with intensive research and personal development courses including the New Warrior Training Adventure in 2006, a Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand in 2008, an online Peace Ambassador course and Agents of Conscious Evolution course, and a whole lot more.

Atma has participated in many silent meditation retreats and yoga intensives. Before opening The Sanctuary, in 2012 he completed a training course to learn the correct use of MMS and became a certified "Minister of Health". 

Atma has also received several short training courses from experienced teachers in several healing therapies such as Thai massage, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing and more. 

He continues to learn and grow so he can serve with love and wisdom.

  Jonathan Myracles

Jonathan Myracles

As a young child Jonathan was directly in touch with all things esoteric. Throughout his teenage years and younger adulthood he surrendered those aspects or himself and led a more conventional and adventurous life enjoying a successful career spanning almost 20 years in the oil gas and infrastructure industries. Following a sequence of what could only be described as wondrous events in 2008 Jonathan opted to begin to let go of structures and ties to his existing life and began to surrender to his expanded spiritual awakening. Amongst many things this lead to de-materialize and spend more time with nature eventually landing in Italy where his awakened life purpose as a spiritual teacher, initiative coach, Reiki Master and philanthropist blossomed Jonathan channels all funds received for his services to projects and creations of his heart such as building a free camp for children living with serious illness to experience fun and adventure. You can see some further info. here:

Jonathan has an amazing capacity to collaborate with you in your journey of physical, emotional healing and spiritual expansion. In every case Jonathan miraculously gets to the heart of the matter of emotional and circumstantial blocks / blind spots. He will guide you in your self illumination and awareness.

Atma Sangat Singh our founder is currently having regular sessions with Jonathan and this is what he says about Jonathan and his progress with him.

“I have aware of being on a Spiritual journey for over 11 years, learning from many different teachers in person and through books, videos and audios. I thought i was pretty aware of when my ego was around, but Jonathan has shown me otherwise in a kind, gentle yet no-nonsense way. The experience i am having with Jonathan is profound. He is absolutely firm in knowing who he is and is quickly able to guide me back to my real self whenever i start talking about circumstances instead of feelings. I have progressed leaps and bound over the last few weeks working with him, letting go of emotional blockages and seeing real and sometimes immediate results in the outside world and particularly at The Sanctuary. I and am forever grateful to Jonathan and highly recommend his work.” - Atma

Whilst Jonathan always used labels lightly here's how he describes one of his key attributes "As a soul communicator I always work void of judgement and opinion. I illuminate, I beckon the individual to remember what their Soul already knows and now they are ready to hear".

Jonathan is a Pioneer of unconditional love and entirely committed to maintaining his own unique vibration for himself, the humanity, the planet and the universe. He is unshakable when within his life's purpose and will guide you back into love with yourself. Jonathan is at the leading edge of anchoring consciousness on the planet and works quickly and is always able to work with you to reveal your life's purpose, usually within 1 and 3 sessions. His ability to nurture and to friendly, warmly and gently hold an unconditional loving space for you to let go of your ego is amazing.

His wonderful Heal Your Broken Heart package has proved a resounding success and he has worked with people from all over Europe, The United States, Canada, Mexico and Australia. Jonathan also loves animals, fun and adventure and all profit from his work supports the various activities his new establishing charitable organization The Myracles Foundation supports. A direct channel to guides and connection to the higher realms of consciousness and layered realities, Jonathan is youthful yet seasoned in his field and is perfectly placed and experienced to help you identify and release aspects of yourself and walk you home to love.

When active, Jonathan's calendar fills quickly. Sessions with him are as effective over Skype or in person so if you would like to book a session with Jonathan please feel free to do so here:

  Robert Bodrogi

Robert Bodrogi

Robert is currently visiting home in Hungary & is expected to return in the fall.  When he is here Robert offers Tui Na Massage, an Oriental Bodywork Therapy which has been used in China for over 2,000 years. It is the oldest massage used in traditional Chinese medicine. Tui Na literaly means "push and grab". This technique stimulates acupunture points by using pressure. It balances the flow of "Chi" in the body and harmonizes its natural energy flow.

This massage helps to treat pain in the neck, back, muscular pain, constipation, menstrual pain, etc. It is a healing medicinal massage that liberates blocks of energy in joints and tense muscles.

  Juan Ricardo Asbury

Juan Ricardo Asbury

Juan has spent the last 24 years living in an all-Indian community in the high Sierra Mazateca in a rural part of Oaxaca, practicing acupuncture and cultivating medicinal mushrooms.

He has trained in acupuncture with several master teachers from China.