From Monday to Saturday, we offer healthy plant-based community lunches and dinners and a Breakfast Green Smoothie.

We follow fairly closely a specific Health and Nutrition Menu designed for The Sanctuary by a Mexican friend, Alex, who has studied at The Ann Wigmore centre in Sweden and at Gabriel Cousens Tree of Life center. The Menu has a specific purpose to help cleanse and invite light into the bodies. Click to view our Menu.  

Our guest stay includes a complete meal package as described above. We ask Guests to let us know if they will not attend any meals so we know how many people to prepare for and to avoid food wastage. Our budget takes account of some people choosing not to eat some meals (perhaps fasting or eating out) and we do not offer refunds for missed meals.

Prices for Meals for drop in Guests

All green smoothies and meals are free for our guests and work retreat participants. 

Breakfast Green Smoothie: 9:15 AM - $3

Lunch: 1 PM - $6

Dinner: 6:30 PM - $6

If you would like to join a meal as a drop-in guest, please let us know if you are coming at least 2 hours before lunch and dinner to confirm availability and so we can prepare accordingly.

If you'd like to join us for our Breakfast Green Smoothie, please contact us by 8:30 AM. Most people come to our yoga class directly before breakfast. 

Here is a slideshow of our love-filled food:


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