▼What is a work retreat?

A work retreat at the Sanctuary provides an opportunity to practice mindfulness in everyday life, participate in and contribute to a plant-based spiritual community, and develop self-worth and respect.

Included in our work retreat packages are:

  • a comfortable bed in a shared room ( private rooms are available for an additional fee)
  • delicious plant-based meals
  • daily meditation and yoga (except Sunday)
  • community heart sharing circles
  • kirtan, breathwork, nonviolent communication, dance, etc...
  • some guidance in and use of a variety of healing modalities.

Your service as a Work Retreat participant is an essential aspect of the smooth functioning of The Sanctuary and The Pharm. We do our best to accommodate your desire to work on certain tasks, but flexibility in accepting work assignments, whether it be in the administrative, marketing, maintenance, kitchen, gardening or housekeeping departments, is important.

Long-term staff (Core Team) positions and Nurturing Team residencies are considered on a case-by-case basis, usually after you have worked a few weeks or a month as Karma Staff.


New work retreat periods start on the first of each month. We have a limited number of work retreat opportunities available which sometimes fill up several months ahead, so we recommend booking early.

▼What You'll Gain from this Experience

As a Work Retreat participant, you will experience what it is like to live in a community with like-minded people who share similar interests and passions. With this unique opportunity you'll learn about high-raw vegan food preparation, different meditation techniques, styles of yoga, gardening/sprouting/organic farming, natural healing modalities, working in a self-managed organisation, and much more!

▼How many hours of work are there?

We have four levels of work retreats available:

  • Karma Guest
    10 hours/week (2 hours/day, 5 days/week)
  • Karma Yogi
    15 hours/week (3 hours/day, 5 days/week)
  • Karma Staff
    20 hours/week (4 hours/day, 5 days/week
  • Spiritual Warrior Program
    + 15 hours study per week in addition to chosen option above.
  • ▼Requirements

    Before Arrival:

  • Read the first chapter of Radical Forgiveness
  • Read up to the end of the Aligning Intent in Part I in The Presence Process
  • Complete the question about the above two items on the application form below
  • In order to begin to understand Holacracy, the self-managing system to which we are transitioning, read this 5 part article: Self-Management and Human Growth and please share your thoughts about it on the application form.
  • Read our Healing Protocol page including watching the short videos and at least some of the links
  • During Your Stay:

  • Choose and practice a spiritual discipline (the Presence Process Procedure is recommended for most)
  • Attend at least three morning meditation sessions per week
  • Attend at least two yoga classes per week
  • Attend the daily morning check-in (except on your days off)
  • Our work retreat participants agree to partake in some community work as part of the energy exchange for their stay. This is beneficial both for the work retreat participant (learning to work and live as part of a family team), and for The Sanctuary (passing our savings onto guests).

    To be able to receive the full energetical benefits of staying at The Sanctuary, it is important that our work retreat participants willingly complete tasks assigned by our Daily Operations Team Leader.

    If we find a work retreat participants actions are not aligned with his or her initial committment, they may be asked to leave early (without refund).

    ▼Length of Stay

    Work retreats are scheduled in calendar-month blocks, starting on the first of the month. Positions are available for one month or two consecutive months within a calendar year. If you wish to stay longer, please discuss with The Sanctuary staff during your first month here.

    Sometimes, subject to current requirements, we may offer Work Retreats of less than a month. If it is not possible to come for a full month or to start on the first of the month, please ask.

    Once you have committed to a work retreat, we count on your participation. We do not offer any refund if you cancel or leave early.


    See our Schedule page for details. The schedule is subject to small adjustments based on the needs of The Sanctuary. Depending on your assigned tasks, you may have the morning and/or afternoon off. We aim to offer 2 days off per week provided you have worked your contracted hours.

    ▼Program Rates

  • Karma Guest: $850 USD per month (10 hours work per week).
  • Karma Yogi: $650 USD per month (15 hours work per week).
  • Karma Staff: $450 USD per month (20 hours work per week).
  • Spiritual Warrior Program: + $100 USD per month (on top of above rates).
  • Core Team: Usually requiring successful completion of first month Spiritual Warrior Program, before competitive selection for a 4 month Core Team position - (5 month total commitment). See Core Team page for cost of this option.
  • NOTE: Peak Season Surcharge for Christmas / New Year & Easter

    An additional charge of $10 USD per night is added to all retreats for Christmas & New Year weeks; Easter (Semana Santa) (9th - 22nd April 2017 inclusive) and Christmas (23rd December 2017 to 7th January 2018 inclusive)

    For Karma Staff we require full payment upon approved application to secure your placement. For other options we require a 60% deposit as per our terms and condition.

    Early Departure: Due to the amount of energy and financial resources required to interview, slect, prepare for and train new work retreat participants, we are unable to offer any refund to any work retreat participants who decide to leave early. Please therefore be sure that you wish to stay for the full period you book before accepting these terms.

    ▼Application Process

    Please submit your application using the form below after you have read ALL the information on this page, as well as our Terms and Conditions and our FAQ's

    After reviewing your application, we will write to you to discuss further.


    Apply Using the Form below

    To avoid possible loss of data when submitting this form, We recommend that you create another document to prepare your answers to the questions below. You can copy your answers into the form below when you are ready to apply.

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    (Work retreat periods are scheduled in month-long blocks)
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